Surrey NDP MLAs silent on Eby dodging police transition accountability 

SURREY (January 27, 2023) – Surrey MLAs Trevor Halford and Elenore Sturko are wondering what Surrey NDP MLAs really think about David Eby’s continued attempts to avoid making a decision about the future of policing in Surrey:

“As Surrey residents demand certainty on the future of policing in their community, zero of the seven NDP MLAs representing Surrey have publicly spoken out on behalf of their constituents demanding their own NDP government step up and finally make a decision. Instead, they remain silent as residents continue to wait in limbo with no timeline for David Eby to show some leadership as Premier.

“This issue has created deep divisions within the community, and David Eby’s ongoing silence is an abdication of the provincial government’s responsibility. All David Eby has done is kick the can further down the road. Every single day that the Province delays making a decision only serves to increase costs to Surrey residents, as well as fuel rumours and speculation about the future of policing in our community. It’s more unclear than ever who in the NDP are actually making decisions when it comes down to crunch time. It is unacceptable for the NDP’s Surrey MLAs to remain silent as our community demands clarity on the path forward. What do they have to say to their constituents and to the police officers of both services whose careers will be impacted?

“When will MLAs Rachna Singh, Gary Begg, Mike Starchuk, Jinny Sims, Bruce Ralston, Harry Bains, and Jagrup Brar break their silence and finally speak up for their constituents and demand answers? Surrey residents deserve so much better than the evasiveness they are getting from David Eby and his Surrey NDP MLAs.”




BC Liberal statement on Ramadan

VANCOUVER (March 22, 2023) – BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon released the following statement today for Ramadan: “Tonight we mark the start of Ramadan, an


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