Eby’s ego overrules democracy on final day of the fall sitting 

VICTORIA (November 24, 2022) – While the fall legislative session has ended, the David Eby era of stifling debate and eroding democracy to suit his own needs has begun.

“After cancelling four days of session last week to throw the new Premier a party, Eby and his NDP government have now shut down debate on significant pieces of legislation so they can ram them through with virtually no scrutiny,” says Opposition House Leader Todd Stone. “The people who elect us deserve to know that laws that impact them have been thoroughly debated and put through vigorous questioning — but Premier Eby and the NDP aren’t allowing that to happen.”

Among the bills being rushed through the House are Eby’s much-hyped housing bills, 43 and 44. The BC Liberals voted against second reading of these bills, in protest of the NDP limiting debate to less than three hours per bill.

“While some NDP members try to mischaracterize our intentions, let’s be clear — we voted against David Eby and the NDP not allowing democracy to unfold as it should,” says Stone. “Bill 44 in particular, which impacts strata rental and age restrictions, will affect one million British Columbians who live in stratas — but the NDP won’t let us debate the potential unintended consequences which could include strata insurance rates continuing to skyrocket. It’s shameful.”

The other bills rammed through by the government without adequate debate were Bill 36, the Health Professions and Occupations Act, and Bill 37, the Energy Statutes Amendment Act, 2022.





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