BC Liberals introduce legislation to provide relief amid cost-of-living crisis

VICTORIA (November 23, 2022) – As British Columbians struggle to make ends meet due to the worsening affordability crisis, BC Liberal MLA Peter Milobar has introduced legislation that would provide people with real relief from rising fuel prices.

“Over the past year we have seen the cost of fuel skyrocket, reaching historic highs across the province,” said Milobar, Official Opposition Critic for Finance. “Record-breaking fuel prices have had a direct impact on commuters and vehicle owners, but they have also contributed to rising grocery and housing costs, with every part of our supply chain feeling the pain at the pumps. There are clear mechanisms available to government to provide relief, which is why I have introduced a bill that would temporarily suspend provincial gas taxes, as well as suspend the hidden taxes on gas being imported from Alberta. Neighboring jurisdictions have seen clear success with these kinds of measures, and it is time for B.C. to take similar steps to help people make ends meet.”

The Miscellaneous Statutes (Gas Price Relief) Amendment Act, 2022 would enable government to suspend provincial gas taxes as well as those applied to gas being brought to B.C. from Alberta, relieving pressure on both consumers and the supply chain. Analysis by University of Calgary Economics Professor Trevor Tombe demonstrated that a tax holiday clearly lowers prices, with nearly every cent of the tax decrease being reflected at the pump in lower prices for consumers.

“People should not have to choose between filling their car with gas and buying groceries to feed their family,” said Milobar. “My bill would provide government with straightforward steps to immediately deliver relief to people who desperately need it. Real action to lower gas prices is long overdue and it is time for this government, and our brand-new Premier, to prove they are serious about making life more affordable for British Columbians.”





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