NDP avoid responsibility for skyrocketing violent crime

SURREY (September 21, 2022) – The NDP government has released its repeat offenders investigation report and it confirms what British Columbians already knew — violent random attacks are on the rise under the NDP’s watch and nothing is being done to help make people and communities feel safe.

“Where is the compassion for people who are experiencing crime or feeling unsafe in their communities? At no point does this report pay any attention to the devastating impact this increase in violent crime is having on innocent victims,” said BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon. “There are some elements in this report that are a small step in the right direction and that we’ve been calling for years, but after more than five years of David Eby and the NDP’s catch-and-release approach, there is no reason to believe that they are capable of taking the action needed to stop it.”

MLA Mike Morris, the Official Opposition Critic for Public Safety and Solicitor General, says results are what matter — and people across the province don’t feel safe, with up to four people a day subjected to random violent attacks in Vancouver alone.

“There isn’t much in this report that our communities and law enforcement agencies weren’t already fully aware of, and nothing that citizens can rely on for immediate relief,” added Morris. “It’s disappointing to continue to hear the NDP blame other levels of government and discredit police contacts where charges were not approved. This provides no reassurance that they take this issue seriously or that they take responsibility for their half a decade of failures on this file. We will continue to press for actual progress and real results, so that people can feel safe in their communities once again.”





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