BC Liberals lead UBCM roundtable on investing in safe communities

WHISTLER (September 15, 2022) – With people feeling less safe in communities throughout the province as rates of violent crime increase, the BC Liberal Caucus hosted a roundtable during the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) convention to discuss the challenges facing local governments in responding to public safety, mental health, and addictions issues.

“The B.C. government is failing in their fundamental duty to ensure communities are safe for our residents. The combination of random attacks, social disorder, and David Eby’s catch-and-release program for prolific offenders has resulted in unprecedented levels of fear and anxiety in virtually every community in the province,” said Kevin Falcon, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Back in April, the BC Urban Mayors Caucus pleaded with David Eby to address the crisis in our communities but more than five months later, there’s been zero action from this government.”

During the roundtable, local government leaders shared important concerns about rampant crime and vandalism on the part of repeat offenders, and for more help to combat rising crime rates and keep people safe in their communities.

“Local governments are begging the Province to take action to restore confidence in our justice system. People have lost faith in David Eby’s catch-and-release approach to prolific criminal offenders, and something needs to change,” added Mike Morris, BC Liberal Public Safety and Solicitor General Critic. “This government has failed to address the crime running rampant in our cities, and has been slow to roll out complex care housing and supports to provide stability to those who need it most. The time for NDP rhetoric is over. We need action, now.”





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