Statement from MLA Ellis Ross on Canada-Germany energy cooperation

KITIMAT (August 16, 2022) – Skeena MLA Ellis Ross, the Official Opposition Critic for Energy and LNG, has released the following statement on calls from Canadian and German business groups for a stronger partnership between the two countries on energy and minerals:

“I’m incredibly encouraged by calls today from organizations on both sides of the Atlantic for a stronger partnership between Canada and Germany on energy exports. Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is a critical transition fuel that European states will have to rely on as they move towards a carbon-neutral future and energy independence from Russian oil.

“There has been a massive global shift that has taken place as Europe seeks to turn away from Russian oil and gas. Countries around the world are looking for safe transitional fuel and B.C. can be a leader in this transition by providing a secure source of clean and ethical LNG.

“The Official Opposition has raised this issue continuously, but it has been largely dismissed by this NDP government. NDP MLAs have spoken out against LNG expansion in B.C., demonstrating, once again, this government’s complete lack of understanding and support for resource-dependent communities and a lack of consideration for the future needs of our province and our European allies.

“Right now, as the world faces an energy crisis, British Columbia must step up to provide a better, transitional alternative — one that benefits B.C. communities, as well as nations across the globe who seek to stop all support for the petrostate and regime of Vladimir Putin following the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

“I would like to invite the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and those accompanying him on his visit to Canada to join us in Kitimat to see the incredible positive impact that the LNG industry has had on the Haisla nation and our community as a whole. There are visionary First Nations leaders and communities throughout the province who have embraced resource development to empower their people and I encourage Chancellor Scholz to come see how increased exports will provide benefits to Germans, First Nations, and British Columbians alike.”