No inflation relief on the horizon under NDP

KAMLOOPS (July 20, 2022) – Despite repeated promises, the NDP continues to leave British Columbians without any relief from rising inflation. This, as recent numbers from Statistics Canada show a staggering 7.9 per cent inflation rate in B.C. in June.

“Another month has passed by without action from the NDP to provide people with relief from rising inflation,” said Peter Milobar, BC Liberal Critic for Finance. “It was more than three months ago now that the NDP told people they would put forward initiatives to assist with inflation, and yet this government has failed to do anything substantive to help people make ends meet. The affordability crisis is worse than ever, and even though we know that high gas and housing prices contribute to inflation, the NDP has consistently failed to address these issues. Everything from groceries, to rent, to fuel, is more expensive under this NDP government that promised to make life more affordable.”

Last month, B.C.’s inflation rate hit 7.9 per cent. The cost of groceries is up 7.7 per cent year-over-year, gas is up 44.9 per cent, and the cost of shelter has increased 7.8 per cent. Under the NDP the cost of living has skyrocketed, especially when it comes to housing. Since David Eby became housing minister the average cost to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver has risen by $511 per month to $2,412. Under Eby’s direction, Vancouver has become the most expensive rental market in the country.

“Despite saying he was working on it, David Eby also failed to deliver his $400 annual renters’ rebate and is ​in no rush to follow through on that broken promise. It’s no wonder that as inflation worsens and prices soar, people feel increasingly abandoned by Eby and this NDP government,” added Milobar. “Across the province, people are struggling to make ends meet, and yet government continues to just stand by and watch. This government led British Columbians to believe that it was serious about addressing affordability, but with each day that passes it becomes clearer that the NDP simply cannot deliver on their promises.”





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