NDP UPCCs plagued by transparency issues and staffing shortages

VICTORIA (July 19, 2022) – Amid B.C.’s worsening health care crisis, the NDP’s Urgent and Primary Care Centers (UPCCs) and primary care networks (PCNs) continue to face staffing shortages, all while the Health Minister withholds data on primary care staffing he promised to release.

“The NDP continues to hail UPCCs as a solution to the primary care crisis, despite the chronic understaffing of these facilities throughout the province. However, the severity of the situation across B.C. is not fully known because NDP Health Minister Adrian Dix has failed to fulfil his promise to release progress reports on primary care,” said Shirley Bond, BC Liberal Critic for Health. “Dix promised to start releasing these quarterly reports last September, and after he missed his first deadline, said he would release the data starting by June 30. But with another deadline come and gone, it’s difficult to have confidence the Health Minister will ever share this critical data with the public. People deserve to have a full picture of the crisis in primary care, but once again this NDP government has proved it remains the most secretive government in Canada.”

As the Health Minister delays the release of primary care data, staffing shortages continue to worsen. All five doctors at the Chilliwack Primary Care Centre are set to leave their roles by mid-September, and the doctor at Quesnel’s UPCC has recently given their notice. This, in addition to the significant shortages in UPCCs and PCNs around the province.

“Not only has this NDP government failed to take steps to address the crisis in primary care, but they have also consistently refused to be transparent with British Columbians about the seriousness of the situation,” added Bond. “When it comes to the health care crisis, people deserve both honesty and action from their government. Unfortunately, the NDP has shown they are capable of delivering neither.”

Attachment: BC Health Care Closure Crisis (Updated July 19, 2022)







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