No inflation relief on the horizon under NDP

KAMLOOPS (July 20, 2022) – Despite repeated promises, the NDP continues to leave British Columbians without any relief from rising inflation. This, as recent numbers from Statistics Canada show a staggering 7.9 per cent inflation rate in B.C. in June. “Another month has passed by without action from the NDP to provide people with relief […]

NDP UPCCs plagued by transparency issues and staffing shortages

VICTORIA (July 19, 2022) – Amid B.C.’s worsening health care crisis, the NDP’s Urgent and Primary Care Centers (UPCCs) and primary care networks (PCNs) continue to face staffing shortages, all while the Health Minister withholds data on primary care staffing he promised to release. “The NDP continues to hail UPCCs as a solution to the […]