MLA Stewart statement on Family Doctor Day demonstrations

MLA Stewart statement on Family Doctor Day demonstrations

VICTORIA (May 19, 2022) – Kelowna West MLA Ben Stewart released the following statement in support of family doctors​, and those in need of doctors​, making their voices heard to government on Family Doctor Day:

“Today on Family Doctor Day, people around the province are gathering to express to government their concerns about the state of health care in B.C.

“Right now, 1 in 5 British Columbians do not have a family doctor and the problem is only getting worse. There is a critical need for longitudinal care, but as evidenced by today’s demonstrations, for far too many people it is simply not available.

“Without family doctors, people are forced to go to walk-in clinics, emergency rooms and urgent and primary care centres, which are frequently over-capacity and chronically understaffed. People want an ongoing relationship with the same doctor who knows their history, who they trust with their personal health.

“Family doctors are necessary for providing preventative medicine that keeps people healthy and reduces pressure on the entire health care system — but right now, family doctors are not getting the value and support they need. They tell us they are unable to make ends meet because of rising costs.

“Family doctors are dealing with growing administrative burdens and increasing workloads and as a result, many are feeling forced to leave the profession.

“It is essential that government listens to the voices of British Columbians today and immediately prioritizes investment in our family doctors so that they, in turn, can invest in the health of their patients.”





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