BC Liberal statement on World Family Doctor Day

VICTORIA (May 19, 2022) – BC Liberal Critic for Health Shirley Bond released the following statement in support of family doctors, and those in need of doctors, voicing their concerns to government on World Family Doctor Day:

“Today on World Family Doctor Day, hundreds of people from around the province gathered on the Legislature lawn to voice their concerns about the lack of family doctors in British Columbia.

“Right now, one in every five British Columbians do not have a family doctor — nearly one million people. Without a doctor they are forced to go to emergency rooms, walk in clinics, and urgent and primary care centres, which are too often over-capacity or critically understaffed.

“We know that family doctors are essential in the health care system, and we are deeply grateful to all the doctors and other health care professionals who have continued to care for British Columbians, even during the most challenging times. It is vital we ensure they are valued and supported so we can stop the exodus of doctors who simply cannot work under the current circumstances. We also need to remove barriers and provide the incentives doctors need to choose family practice in our province.

“People want and deserve to have a relationship with a family doctor. They want access to quality, longitudinal care over the course of their life. But for almost a million people in B.C., that is simply not possible.

“Today we join British Columbians in a call to action. The time for words has passed. We need the government to respond to the requests of families, patients, doctors, nurses, and exhausted healthcare providers and deal with this issue like the crisis it is.

“A good place for government to start would be cancelling their billion-dollar vanity museum project and investing those dollars in supporting our health care system.

“We will continue to fight on behalf of all British Columbians until the changes that are so desperately needed finally take place.”





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