BC Liberal statement on missing Royal BC Museum business case

BC Liberal statement on missing Royal BC Museum business case

VICTORIA (May 19, 2022) – BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon released the following statement in response to John Horgan and the NDP’s backtracking on releasing the Royal BC Museum (RBCM) business case:

“Last week, in the middle of an affordability crisis impacting people in every corner of the province, John Horgan and the NDP announced a billion-dollar vanity project to shut down, demolish, and build a brand new Royal BC Museum for 2030 — which nobody asked for.

“It’s unacceptable that while British Columbians are facing the highest gas prices in North America, higher-than-ever rents and housing costs, skyrocketing grocery costs, and one in five don’t have access to a family doctor, this NDP government’s priority is building a billion-dollar museum boondoggle.

“Members of the media, the Official Opposition, and the public have demanded to see a full and unredacted business case that would justify such an out-of-touch expenditure by the NDP.

“We were promised a public release of a business case by the end of this week by Tourism Minister Melanie Mark but now, just ahead of a long weekend break, this government has broken its promise and instead announced a lengthy technical briefing for next week. What this really means is that a project that was approved by Treasury Board in March, and announced last week, doesn’t have a credible business plan that government will share with the public.

“British Columbians have no confidence in this NDP government when it comes to transparency, especially after the NDP were deemed the most secretive government in the country by the Canadian Association of Journalists.

“This half-baked project must be stopped, and the money reinvested in helping British Columbians today while the museum is renovated, modernized, and upgraded for a fraction of the cost of this monument to the Premier’s ego.

“Failing that immediate cancellation, we continue to call for a complete, and unredacted, business case for John Horgan’s RBCM vanity project.”





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