John Horgan and the NDP unprepared for post-pandemic future

John Horgan and the NDP unprepared for post-pandemic future

VICTORIA (June 17, 2021) – With the NDP adjourning the Legislature until October and B.C. beginning to reopen and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear Premier John Horgan and the NDP have no plan for what’s next.

“With people being vaccinated each day, British Columbians are finally feeling a sense of relief, only to find out their government doesn’t have a plan for what’s next. With no jobs or economic recovery plan, and no effective supports for struggling industries such as tourism, the NDP are unprepared and have no plan for the future of British Columbia,” said Interim Leader of the Official Opposition Shirley Bond. “What we’ve seen this year is an NDP government that, aside from public health officials, has botched nearly everything it touched.”

Numerous times the NDP has had to adjust support programs during this pandemic, with less than 50 per cent of all three major grant programs having actually been paid out to date, despite funds being approved nearly a year and a half ago. They’ve also failed to deliver on their commitment of 114,000 new units of housing in 10 years, building just 5,269 units in over four years, and have all but abandoned their repeated promises of universal $10-a-day childcare or a $400 annual renters rebate.

“Small businesses are struggling, non-profits are worried about their survival, parents are concerned for their kids, and British Columbia has nearly 40,000 fewer full-time jobs than before the pandemic. This government’s inability to get supports to those who need them most and its failure to put forward any concrete plans is putting the future prosperity of B.C. at risk,” added MLA Peter Milobar, BC Liberal House Leader. “John Horgan recalled the Legislature for a budget that was delayed by two months and what has been accomplished since? There’s still no plan to grow the economy, no plan to create jobs, and no plans to make housing or childcare more affordable.”

The Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions remains powerless and underfunded with a budget smaller than the Premier’s Office which has grown by 63 per cent while John Horgan has been in power. All while the province lacks any comprehensive plan to tackle the opioid crisis and put a stop to an overdose epidemic that is now tragically claiming the lives of six British Columbians each day.

“Our concern is that, as the health impacts of the pandemic begin to lessen, we’re not seeing a strategic plan from John Horgan and the NDP,” concluded Bond. “Outside the Legislature and in communities throughout the province, we’re going to continue holding this government to account because British Columbians deserve someone in their corner looking out for their futures.”


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