Two years of NDP failures aren’t helping people get ahead

VICTORIA (February 11, 2020) – After almost three years of the NDP failing to keep their big election promises, people across the province continue to hear empty words and see no action from John Horgan in today’s Speech from the Throne.

“The NDP’s habit of re-announcements and walk-backs of the promises they made British Columbians in 2017 is totally empty,” said MLA Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberal Leader. “Vancouver has the second least affordable housing market in the world, drivers are paying more for car insurance than the rest of Canada, and our forestry industry is in total shambles but the NDP are pretending that everything is just fine.”

Today’s NDP Speech from the Throne failed to address or introduce anything at all for British Columbians. John Horgan is re-using NDP talking points from 2017 and ignoring the fact the NDP has no intention of keeping their election promises like universal childcare or cheaper rent. The same old promises, wrapped in new fancy words, means people won’t be seeing anything new at all from the NDP in order to help them get ahead.

“John Horgan talks a big game about increasing affordability but has nothing to show for it,” concluded Wilkinson. “British Columbia is heading in the wrong direction and we’re going to make sure people know the opportunities they’re missing out on while John Horgan sits on his hands. British Columbians deserve fewer selfies and more action from John Horgan.”


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