NDP tax kills Victoria Police Crime Reduction Unit

VICTORIA (June 27, 2019) – MLA Mike Morris, BC Liberal Public Safety Critic, is raising concerns that John Horgan’s tax increases have resulted in the Victoria Police Department disbanding its Crime Reduction Unit (CRU).

“Even after increasing property taxes, Victoria City Council decided they could not cover the double-dipping NDP Employer Health Tax,” said Morris. “The city passed those costs on to the police department which forced cuts to public safety in Carole James’ own neighbourhood.”

After being forced to pay both MSP and the Employer Health Tax this year, Victoria Police Chief Del Manak officially disbanded the Crime Reduction Unit at the start of the month.

“John Horgan misled the public by saying he’s eliminating MSP. By downloading the tax onto businesses, school boards, and municipalities, British Columbians are still paying MSP through increased costs,” added Morris. “Now we’re seeing the NDP’s reckless tax affecting public safety in our communities. The CRU conducted extensive drug investigative work during project Fentanyl Focus, targeted prolific offenders, and tackled drug traffickers.”

“No police department should ever be put in a position where it has to choose between responding to emergency calls or combatting the fentanyl crisis,” concluded Morris. “John Horgan needs to understand the very real public safety risks of putting politics before public safety.”


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