John Horgan and the NDP’s Employer Health Tax bills now due, businesses consider leaving the province

VICTORIA (June 14, 2019) – As B.C. businesses prepare to pay the first instalment of the NDP’s Employer Health Tax this weekend, BC Liberal Opposition Finance Co-Critic Shirley Bond is warning that John Horgan’s unfair and unaffordable tax will lead businesses to pack up and leave for other provinces, taking British Columbian jobs with them.

Denis Hostland is the CEO of a unionized construction company that’s been based in British Columbia for 47 years. His company works on projects both inside and outside the province. John Horgan’s Employer Health Tax is so far-reaching that Hostland is stuck paying the tax on employees who live and work outside of B.C. In a letter to John Horgan, Hostland suggests this may be, “the final nail in the coffin that will lead to our decision to finally make the move out of B.C.”

“We are hearing from small business owners all across the province about the difficult choices they are having to make because of NDP tax policy, in particular, the Employer Health Tax,” said Prince George-Valemount MLA Bond. “There is a serious risk B.C. companies will reduce staff, increase prices and fees or, worst-case scenario, leave British Columbia altogether. Ultimately hardworking taxpayers will pay the price for this unfair tax download.”

The Employer Health Tax is one of the 19 new or increased taxes John Horgan has been piling on since taking office. It’s an ill-thought-out tax that downloads the bill onto school districts, local governments, small businesses and B.C. homeowners.

“Is this John Horgan’s idea of affordability? To burden the business community with so many taxes that the very companies that create well-paying jobs have to consider leaving B.C.?,” said Bond. “When the NDP said they would eliminate MSP premiums, they failed to tell British Columbians that ultimately small businesses and homeowners would be stuck paying the bill.”

Hard-working B.C. families were promised life would be more affordable under the NDP. We now know John Horgan never planned to help anyone but his insider friends and union pals.

British Columbians deserve so much better – they can’t afford John Horgan and the NDP.

Denis Hostland’s letter to John Horgan is below.






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