Jobs Co-Critics say Throne Speech lacked any vision to grow B.C.’s economy

VICTORIA (February 14, 2019) – The government’s Throne Speech shows the NDP still doesn’t have a plan to grow B.C.’s economy and put more people to work.

“They’ve been in power for nearly two years now, but still have no idea that a strong economy is what’s needed to support their lavish spending promises,” says Greg Kyllo, BC Liberal Co-Critic for Jobs, Trade and Technology. “The Throne Speech should be a forward-looking document, but we see nothing of substance on the horizon to grow B.C.’s economy.”

“British Columbians want more opportunities to get ahead, but didn’t learn of any potential prospects in this Throne Speech,” says Jas Johal, BC Liberal Co-Critic for Jobs, Trade and Technology. “The Premier even acknowledged some people are working two or three jobs and can’t get ahead— so why isn’t his government offering any solutions?”

These sentiments were echoed by the Business Council of B.C., which expressed concern “…about the lack of government attention being paid to the provincial economy,” noting “…the ability to provide high quality public services which enhance our collective quality of life depends on a competitive and thriving economy.”

Meanwhile, Kyllo and Johal note the government’s lackluster Throne Speech comes on the heels of the 19 new or increased taxes it has imposed, which are damaging B.C.’s economy and making the province less competitive with other jurisdictions.


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