BC Liberals call foul on NDP bending lobbyist rules

LANGLEY (August 1, 2018) – BC Liberal MLA Mary Polak is calling out the government for allowing NDP friends and insiders to lobby government with no restrictions. The Registrar of Lobbyists found today that the NDP’s two-year ban on lobbying activities not only doesn’t apply to former NDP MLAs or party insiders, but places no restrictions on current or former NDP staff to current cabinet ministers.

“The NDP are using deceptive wording to side-step their own lobbying rule,” said Polak. “In targeting ‘former’ Ministers and staff, they tried to pull the wool over British Columbian’s eyes while allowing their own ‘current’ insiders to use their influence immediately after leaving government. Ministerial staff could leave today, and lobby current government ministers tomorrow. It’s completely wrong and the Registrar has called them out.”

NDP insiders have already benefited from the rule. In one case, a former political staffer to Citizens Services Minister Jinny Sims now works as an in-house lobbyist for the BC Building Trades, a primary benefactor of last month’s NDP payoff to BC labour unions through select Community Benefits Agreements.

“Once again, the NDP are using legislation to benefit party insiders and political allies, while attempting to convince British Columbians that they’re not doing that,” added Polak. “Minister Eby claims he will be introducing further legislation this Fall to clarify, but avoided stating whether the two year ban would apply to current and former NDP staff who have exploited the loophole to escape the ban.”


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